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Play Hot Streak Slots and WIN BIG with never-before-seen features and exciting gameplay! Blaze through unlimited spins in the Hot Streak Mode feature. Be the first to reveal hidden objects to complete each theme. Spin the reels, enjoy the beautiful graphics, and experience the ULTIMATE slots game right at your fingertips!

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Hot Streak Slots is the first of many new games that we’re working on here at MobilityWare and we’re extremely proud of it. It’s a slots experience that’s action-packed and filled with surprises.

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Hot Streak Slots is a dangerous, but elegant dance battle between the classic slot you know and love and MobilityWare's latest brain child - the Hot Streak meter. Exciting, addictive, and outrageous; its beautiful flames will be the hottest part of your day.

Alex Tarrand

Senior Live-Ops Manager

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