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Ask the Experts: Where is Mobile Marketing Headed in 2018? | Leanplum In this roundup, we’ve collected insight from several mobile marketing experts about the trends and changes that will dominate the industry in 2018.
Leanplum asked MobilityWare’s Sr. Product Strategy Manager, Yelena Grant, her expert opinion about the future of Mobile ...
It’s International Cat Day! Take a look at this cutie pies that are fur babies to our fellow team mates!!! 
💝 From all of us to you, we LOVE YOU!! 💝
Happy National Junk Food Day! Some of our team’s TOP picks! Happy National Junk Food Day! Mmmm…chips…..Take a lookie look at what the team over at MobilityWare prefers to eat!Do you prefer Salty or Sweet treats?What is a better chip choice:What is your favorite ice cream out of the ice cream ...
🎉📱Happy B-day iPhone!🎉📱 🎉🎂📱 Happy Birthday iPhone!! 🎉🎂📱Can you believe that 10 years ago today the iPhone was released? Do you remember that the iPhone was released without an App Store!? No Solitaire - wait, what?! Cheers to the world’s best selling smartphone ...
✈ We've arrived at our destination: WORLD WIDE! ✈ Destination Solitaire is a fun new way to experience Solitaire! In this TriPeaks version of Solitaire, you’ll encounter challenging obstacles & fun card-based puzzles as you travel through exotic cities! Download TODAY for FREE on iOS: http://bit.ly/DestinationSolitaire
Meet Ali Wallick - Software Engineer ll at MobilityWare! How
long have you worked for MobilityWare?I’ve been at MobilityWare for just over a year, and
I’m loving it!How did you become a Software Engineer?I’ve loved games since I was little, and when I
realized that was a job option ...
It's one of our most FAVORITE "holidays" around here - Star War's Day: May the FOURTH be with YOU! We had a fun lunch potluck...
It's one of our most FAVORITE "holidays" around here - Star War's Day: May the FOURTH be with YOU! We had a fun lunch potluck...
From all of us to all of you, we hope you had a wonderful weekend! ☀
Check the photo below to see where our penguin was hiding!! ⭐🐧
Thanks for playing, friends! ❤
🐧 Today is World Penguin Day! 🐧 Let's have some fun! Below are some of our fun characters you can rescue in our game Match &...
Meet Stevie Lutgen, User Acquisition Manager! How long have you worked for MobilityWare?Seven glorious months. I’m
still deep in the “honeymoon phase.”How did you get into User AcquisitionI was working in
biology/research but missed using my brain for creative reasons. That led me to
marketing strategy. ...
Pyramid Solitaire - Now Available on Google Play!!! Pyramid Solitaire is out on Google Play! A super fun and fast way to play Solitaire!! Download today: http://bit.ly/2njiCez

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