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Pick up 52 Card Pick-Up and Get in on The Fun

52 Card Pick-Up is a fun and exciting card game that will keep you hooked! Journey through different lands, unlocking more worlds with your quick-tapping skills as you race against the clock. In this game, YOU are your biggest challenge!

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52 Card Pick-Up started off as just an idea, turned into a Game Jam pitch, and has now fully blossomed into glorious reality! I’m not a game designer, I’m a data analyst and it’s truly inspiring to see my brainchild transformed into an app!

Ken Robinson

Data Analyst

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The variety of games keeps you from ever getting bored

— Nick Kroger

It is about time that we get a real challenging game

— Stella Kilian

Great game and don't have to clean them up

— Debbie Shelton

Looks good, plays well, and sounds great!

— Brendan Wesolowski

I was surprised how quickly I became addicted

— None

Fun and fast paced

— Lucila Rupp